Philadelphia Skydiving School

Are you looking to join the world of Skydiving? Philadelphia Skydiving offers a complete skydiving school for both beginners and expert skydivers alike. We provide the finest skydiving training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our focus is on exceeding the expectations of all our customers and providing the ultimate in experience to anyone interested in learning skydiving.

We use state of the art skydiving equipment and learning programs to achieve a professional atmosphere and help you experience the ultimate benefits of skydiving around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of our skydiving instructors are trained, competent and certified.

At Philadelphia Skydiving, we have friendly staff which fosters a high level of customer satisfaction, keeping the feeling fun and exciting. They truly enjoy introducing new skydivers to Tandem skydiving and later, advanced skydiving! Our networked skydiving team is available to offer fun and safe skydiving lessons for the beginning jumper, as well as the 2000+ jumps, logged skydiver! Learn skydiving today.

Philadelphia Skydiving Skydiving School


Our network of skydiving schools in the Philadelphia area offers the following courses:

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is the first step to becoming a fully qualified solo skydiver or accelerated freefall skydiver. Philadelphia Skydiving Skydiving provides complete skydiving lessons for beginners. All our tandem skydiving masters have been professionally trained. We focus on skydiving safety, and we provide the ultimate experience for all beginners. Tandem skydiving programs allow students to gain knowledge and confidence with the instructor attached and ready to make corrections where necessary. Tandem skydiving is an essential canopy control tool, as the students pilot and land with their instructors.

We provide training to prepare you for this incredible experience on which you will learn to deploy your own parachute, freefall in the correct body position to fly and land your parachute. Learn to skydive in the Philadelphia, PA area with an advanced skydive training course from Skydiving Philadelphia today. We have the most affordable advanced skydiving in the region.

Solo jumps

In this program, the instructor will hold on to the skydiving student while in freefall to aid in stability. This gives the learners approximately 40 seconds of freefall to prepare to work on the tasks they practiced with the instructors on the ground before boarding the aircraft. Progression in this program is done in sequence. A prerequisite for taking this program is that you have completed the ground skydiving lessons and passed all the tandem levels.

If the skydiving student demonstrates stability and can deploy their own parachute and land safely, the instructors will progress them to the next level. Each jump adds extra skydiving benefits and experience as the students get more freedom in freefall and learn to skydive safely. Once you have started Philadelphia Skydiving Skydiving learning program, you are required to make a jump every 30 days to help maintain your skills.

Philadelphia Skydiving has designed the skydiving school with you in mind. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who will offer the highest level of customer satisfaction keeping the atmosphere in the school fun and exciting.

If you are not sure whether to start with a tandem skydiving program or an AFF program, feel free to contact us, and we will help you make the right choice.