Philadelphia Skydiving Video

Chances are you will remember your first skydiving experience for years to come. You'll hear the rush of the wind in your ears, feel the blast of cold air on your face and your stomach twist and turn under the influence of gravity. Still, you've probably thought about capturing the moments before and after your jump with a camera. Dynachute Skydiving Philadelphia encourages its guests to bring a camera to take pics of the event. But to capture your skydiving experience from start to finish, consider purchasing one of our skydiving video packages.

As only a small part of the skydiving cost, the optional skydive video is well worth the investment. Imagine sharing your precious moments in the sky with friends and family, many of whom might be inspired to join you on your next jump. And while it is possible to bring your own camcorder or phone on the jump you will not likely get the same crisp, clear images. Our professional videographers utilize a helmet cam along with specialty cameras to create a skydiving video of your jump and snap pics at just the right time.